About Us

Apparel As Rugged as the Name It Bears

Loggers are perhaps the most rugged individuals left on the plant. We’re a rare breed of workers with no time cards and no set hours. We work until we run out of diesel, or run out of trees. We do it out of our drive to complete the challenges of our strenuous profession. For most of us, logging is in our blood. It’s a rite of passage passed down from our fathers and grandfathers before us. We hold our title like a badge of honor., and LoggR Threads understands what it means to come from a long lineage of woodsmen, and we take the utmost pride in designing our logging and forestry-inspired clothing to uphold this scared trade. Our high-quality American-made apparel is designed to stand up in our extreme work environments as well as represent our lifestyles when we’re not in the woods. Designed by loggers, we say “Log hard, be known, and let the world know who you are.”